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Oculus Quest 2 Cooling Idea

Level 2

I have a idea for the oculus quest 2 to help with cooling problems, it would attach to the face of the quest and would have a copper heat pipe to help with cooling and it would be power by the quest itself, and you would be able to charge the quest while cooling because that is when the quest gets the most hot and this idea will increase oculus play time due to people getting over heated and not wanting to play any longer. Now if you have the elite strap with the battery pack that could power the heat pipe and fan and charge the quest at the same time or you might even be able to power the heat pipe and charge the quest with a external power bank if you don't have the elite strap. This is just a rough idea of what oculus could make to benefit us quest 2 users. Please help to make this a thing.


Level 8

The Quest 2 already has a fan and heatsink.