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Oculus Quest 2: GTA San Andreas VR Sugestions

Level 2

GTA San Andreas has been announced for Quest 2 (standalone).

As the game is still in developement phase; I want to suggest a few things.


First: the game certainly will be in First Person perspective. That is great and I want it to be that way.


Second: GTA San Andreas PC version (2005 aprox) did support diverse gaming controllers. I know everyone will want to experience the game's new perspective with the correct Controller for each situation. What I mean is that, for flying planes, it was compatible to use a Flying Stick. Also on cars should support the Steering Wheel Controller and maybe the Pedals too ( after all it is a Grand Theft #AUTO#).


Third: It is hard to figure out how the language softening project ( used previously on RE 4) will look as a final project. But the game is definitely a masterpiece with all of the rules. I would prefer having the censorship and maybe a few non-ethical missions removed AND having the game rather than canceling the developement.



Level 2

Yeah, no censorship please and thanks.  It's Grand Theft Auto.  These games are classics BECAUSE of the rejection of PC culture.  Kowtowing to it now would be an affront to everything they stood for.