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Oculus Quest 2 - Oculus Link - Cant make Steam VR work

Level 2

Hello guys, I hope one of you can help me out there. I can't figure for the life of me why I can't get SteamVR to work with my Oculus Quest 2. Everything is installed and reinstalled, I got a good cable, my Oculus software detects my headset and I can access my desktop also without a problem. I added SteamVR to my library on the Oculus Software, but when I start it (directly on my desktop WITH the headset or in the library) SteamVR says it does not detect my VR headset.


What I've done:

-Reinstalled SteamVR

-Reinstalled Oculus Software

-Tried the SteamVR Beta

-Rebooted my computer and headset multiple times.

-Changed USB port


Every time I watch a tutorial it just works and nobody seems to have that trouble. My computer is pretty limit for the specs, but it's all supported.

i5 4690


16GB of DDR3 ram

USB3 cable producing 1.8 - 2 Gbps (better than tests I saw online).

My oculus is in version 28.something, same as Oculus software. Both are in the stable version, no dev mode activated.

No experimental features activated right now.


I'm out of solution and a little bit discouraged... I hope someone can help me out there. I don't want to pay for Virtual Desktop knowing it's supposed to work fine without and I'm fine playing with a cable.




Level 2

Are you opening steamvr after accessing oculus link?

Yes I do.