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Oculus Quest 2 Windows 11 Performance. can never hit maximum FPS with link cable.

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I decided to give windows 11 a go and everything on my PC is working flawlessly apart from one big one... Oculus Link performance. Before I go back to windows 10 I wonder if anyone has figured this out already.


Oculus software works fine and the Quest 2 link connects, but it can never hit the required fps settings no matter what they are. So if I have link set to 90hz, then in game it will be about 82-85fps and stuttering, it never hits 90fps even though the game says its locked at 90 on my monitors no problem, and I have loads of headroom in performance monitor (I have a 5900x and RTX 3090!) - If i use the 120hz option then i will get about 105fps but never 120. Even if i choose 72hz ill get about 65fps. super annoying.


I went onto the beta channel on the software and got the latest updates but still no luck.


I dont mind going back to windows 10 and i get windows 11 might not be ready yet, but literally EVERYTHING else on my pc works fine, only the vr performance, so its a shame. Any ideas of things to try before I reinstall windows 10?

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I think VD and airlink has never been the issue. Its the link cable that's the problem.

For sim racing I only use the link cable, so cant try windows 11 again until that's sorted. I think it will probably require a oculus software update rather than a microsoft update, but we will see. 

What GPU do you have? And can you confirm if wired Link works?

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Oculus Link still acts oddly on 22000.100. For Beat Saber, it'll run fine for 25 seconds, and then after that, both the application and compositor start dropping frames. It recovers if I press the Oculus button to go back to Oculus Dash, and then press it again to return back to Beat Saber, but it will start dropping frames again right after 25 seconds. I have a video of this happening:



This happens on both Air Link and wired Link.


On another note, I had unexplainable high Game latency reported by Virtual Desktop, and low FPS in both Air Link and wired Link at all times on W11, but (not 100% on this correlation) this was seemingly fixed by disabling both Resizable BAR and Above 4G decode in my firmware settings (neither setting was an issue at all on W10 with VR or any other game).

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I post updates about this on MDL forums as well:


There was no change for me with Windows 11 22000.160 and Oculus (non-PTC). I haven't tested with Oculus (PTC).

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Finally got a solution for this, albeit it's odd. You have to go to Oculus Debug Tool -> Service -> Toggle console window visibility, let it restart the Oculus service, and then Link will be fine for that and future sessions. I'm able to play songs in Beat Saber no problem well beyond 25 seconds.


I have no idea why that works, but I toggled that setting 5 times in a row and it had consistent results (if console window wasn't visible, Link would be laggy; if the console window was visible, Link was fine).


2021-09-03 (1).png

Not working for me on Windows 11 22000.176 and Oculus (PTC).

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there Hei5enberg44. Windows 11 is not in it's full release build yet and as such we have not updated our software for it to be fully flawless. We just now got our hands on it and will need some time to get everything up and running. Hang in there!

Is there an update to this. It's been a few weeks. With Windows 11 out now as a standard preview to insiders for the full release (non-beta) build and the official launch being 7 days away, I'm surprised Oculus hasn't followed suit in pushing something to PTC that has proper Win11 support like other hardware manufacturers. It would have been nice for testers to help ensure that whatever is resulting in the horrible Link / Air Link performance to provide feedback and test.


There's likely going to be a lot of people taking advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 11 and it's going to break PCVR for everyone that does in it's current state.

I tried Win11 last week. 

i9 @5ghz, 32gb @ 4,000 and an RTX 3080.  Access point hardwired to PC.

Performance was 100% unplayable.  I had to go back to Win10 that same day.