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Oculus Quest 2 & Bentley OpenBuildings

Level 2

My office is looking to purchase a couple of Oculus Quest 2's for viewing our CAD models - mainly Bentley OpenBuildings, Bentley OpenRoads and Bentley MicroStation. We'd like to be able to take them to meetings & job sites to review models with customers, etc.


I'm looking for feedback from anyone else doing this, specifically with Bentley models. There is so much information on AutoDesk products & I know I could convert my models to a .dxf or other formats, but I'm wondering what everyone else is doing for Bentley models as far as other required software, apps, workflow, cost associated outside of the headset, etc.


Is anyone using LumenRT Pro? What purpose does it serve with VR Headsets? Their website wasn't super clear.


Any feedback is appreciated.