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Oculus Quest 2 as second Quest

Level 2

I’m thinking of picking up an Oculus Quest 2 as a second Quest(have the first).  My Quest 1 has a non-Facebook account and I know that you need to use a FB account for the Quest 2.  I would like to keep my non-FB account on the Quest 1 but I’m under the impression that I won’t have access to my purchased content if I create a new FB account if I get a new Quest 2.  Is there a way to convert my non-FB account to a FB account so that I can keep my purchases?  If I do this, can I use one FB account for both Quests? Am I allowed have the non-FB and FB accounts? I’d like to have two accounts to do multiplayer if possible.


Level 12

You will be asked to link your account to an existing facebook account, once you setup the quest 2.  This is a global link so your quest 1 will be linked to the facebook account regardless once you complete the action.  There is no way to keep a non-facebook account quest 1 once you get a quest 2.

Its painless as long as the facebook is a personal account with the same email as the already established account.  All games should transfer over if done correctly.

Actually my non-FB Oculus account has a different email than my FB. Would that pose any problems?

So to confirm, I can’t create a new Oculus FB account on the new Quest 2 and then later merge that with my Quest 1’s non-FB Oculus account? Only reason I ask it that if I change my mind and return the Quest 2, I’d prefer to have the non-FB Oculus account.  If I keep the Quest 2, then I’ll merge everything after if possible. Thanks!

Level 9

Very Risky and banning is usually automated by picking up these sort of discrepancies.

Then its hell to get it sorted .. 

Much easier to change your Email on FB, Link your Quest then add the Q2