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Oculus Quest 2 bluetooth keyboard support different languages

Level 2
Currently, the only language that can be entered with the Bluetooth keyboard is English.

The UI keyboard supports different languages, but it is true that you cannot type quickly and are very inconvenient.

Is there any way to input other languages through the bluetooth keyboard? (Eg Korean)

Level 3

i can not believe that this still is not working. Where is your sense of international community. I need a swiss german keyboard supported for work with oculus. that really can't be all that difficult. While trying out programming today i could not even type any curly parenthesis. that is, i can open it, but there is no closing curly parenthesis at all on any key of the bluetooth keyboard that works. This is terrible. 

Yeah. I bought a **bleep** keyboard just to bring my quest to type in swedish and uh no. No thought at all given to the international community. What a shame.

Level 3

Is there any updates?

I need Russian layout. Can it be drawed over standard keys into vr?

Hi Aliday. The texture on the keyboard is located (in older firmware, I found in internet) /system/priv-apps/VrShell/VrShell.apk/assets/logitech_k830.gltf.ovrscene/k830_diff.ktx But in different applications its located womeware else. Currently I am writing report about each office application like Immersive.

The best code is the absence of code.

I published report as promised. Using keyboards in Oculus Quest 2 in a VR office environment. 

The best code is the absence of code.

I think you should also say about changing language layout. Press caps-lock or alt+shift to see Russian or any another predefined layout to type your language letters into vr

Hi Aliday, you're right. If you work with a computer in VR, the keyboard already works with computer defined languages. What is missing is visual key mapping in VR. It could be done statically, like inscription on keys (we have it on physical keyboards) or dynamically when inscription changes when language changes. The first one is easily doable replacing static textures in VR applications.
The second is simply impossible, because a VR application in a helmet should know the language settings of your computer.


So currently the only practical option is to tweak the immersive app, as the only application with a keyboard useful for software developers. But tracking is so bad so I am not sure if it will give me any profit in terms of working efficiency.

The best code is the absence of code.

When you use oculus browser in VR you can change language by globes icon 🌎 on virtual keyboard. But when you connect this keyboard you can’t change language any more. It is missing functionality 

Level 3

But instead it should show new layout with another language and it must have keyboard shortcut to change language in all oculus applications