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Oculus Quest 2 games not showing in Oculus PC library

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Hello Oculus Support, 


My grandson has a Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. We hooked the link cable to his gaming PC and none of his games are showing in his Oculus library on the PC account. I cannot figure out why or how to get them to show. I have the Oculus App on the PC and updated the drivers and rebooted the PC. The PC has the correct specs needed. He is trying to extract mods to a game that requires us to go on to the game on Oculus on the PC. We read somewhere that you cannot connect Oculus VR games on to the PC, that you have to buy them again on the PC. This does not make sense and defeats the point of having a link cable to the PC.  Why can we not see the games from his VR headset on the PC account?  Is there a phone number to call support?


Thank you for your help.




When you connect a link cable, you are effectively converting the Quest 2 (a standalone device with its own game library) into a PCVR headset where the PC renders the game and the Quest acts as a display device only. So when you are in Link mode, you will see games in the separate PCVR library. To play Quest games, unplug the Link cable.


Quest games cannot be played on PC and PCVR games cannot be played natively on Quest.


Is it possible that your grandson is trying to install mods for a Quest game and needs to connect to the PC to do that, in a process known as sideloading? If that's the case he'll need to have setup a developer account with Meta and enabled developer mode on the headset (via the paired phone). When he connects the Link cable he should see a popup message asking to allow access to files, which he should accept. If he's previously clicked "don't show again", access the Developer menu under Settings and re-enable the USB Dialog prompt. Once connected he can move files from his PC to the headset directly. He'll also have the option of using applications like SideQuest to do a lot more besides.

Level 7

I had the same issue but the other way round.

I have had an Oculus PC account for years that i no longer used.

I bought a Quest 2 a few days ago and couldnt see any of my Oculus PC games in my Quest account.


The way i did it was to search for the game within the Quest store and if its available it will show up. If you dont have to buy it again it will show 'Get' instead of a price.


So you try the opposite. Go into your Oculus account on your PC, go into the PC store and search for the game and it should show up with 'Get' instead of a price (unless you have to pay again of course). 

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