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Oculus Quest 2 guardian floor bug.

Level 3
Floor level in games with the oculus quest 2 is NOT correct and makes a huge problem in all games. I find I am about 10cm off from my real height (to tall) and makes gameplay not work in most games correctly. Beat saber notes appear too low and you have to eyeball both a floor offset and manually set your height to fix the notes. It doesn't feel 100% right and you can't judge proper height or depth due to the platform not having texture for you to perceive depth. 

In 11 table tennis you can set the floor within the game (same as you do with the guardian) and it visually shows the difference between floor height and real height.

A lot of users are having this issue and setting controller on the ground does not behave as expected when setting guardian. It's hard to tell that it's wrong until you play games and many are probably not sensitive to the issue. 

Is this due to the new cameras having a different focal length and this just needs a calibration?

Level 2

A temporary solution is to disable Guardian:

Level 3

I have the same issue, and after long research regarding this issue I FINALLY found only one SOLUTION that fixes this issue for me, hope it will also works with you, kindly follow the following steps:

1- Keep sure hand tracking is ON and you should know how to use your hands instead of the controllers.

2- Turn OFF your oculus.

3- Turn ON your oculus far away from the controllers.

4- Now use your hands to setup your guardian. <it should work normally now>

5- Then return back to your controllers.

6- Try to redraw the guardian again using the controller, and hopefully it will work normally now.

7- restart your oculus and try again with controllers.

8- if it works normally just give me a hug 😄

And if you're not in your return policy window you're screwed I guess.  HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT THIS IS A MASSIVE ISSUE???  THIS IS RECALL LEVEL!!!

Brand spanking new Energizer lithium premium batteries and still the issue persists.

Facebook is apparently pretending that this issue doesn't exist.


Nope.  Brand new premium energizer batteries.  No change.

Guardian fails constantly, height is wrong in all games.  Too tall by quite a bit.  

Level 4

If you got the firmware v33, did you try the following steps:

1- Delete all recorded Guardian (this will clear the "cache" for the tracking, thus start a fresh data collections).

2- When settings the new Guardian, be sure to put your controllers on the floor when requested.

For me, it solved my floor issue and also tracking issues.

Good luck!

Level 2

Unfortunately I’ve just joined the club. Worked fine for 12 months. Now it’s broken. 
tried all all the available fixes. Nothing works. 
It must be a hardware failure 😣