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Oculus Quest 2 link on AMD Radeon RX6800 - poor picuture quality

Level 2
Not sure if anyone else has this problem but running link with RX6800 (reference model) looks like 480p. Picture quality is so poor than my ex Rift S with GTX1070 looked like 4k.

Issue: the picture quality is really terrible, it looks more like 480p rather than alomost 2k per eye. I've tired to set in Oculus debug tool Bitrate and resolution witdth to the max but it looks like it is caped at 100Mbps. Whatever value i set above 100 doesn't change the image quality (not even a bit). Also whatever value i set i'm always getting 90 fps. My guessing is that there might be an issue on Oculus side that doesnt properly recognize this card and is limiting to 100Mbps. Also this migh means that encoder quality of the AMD is rabbish. 

Does anyone has this issue?

More details: i'm using AMD 3600+RX6800+Gigabyte B550 gamig x+32 GB DDR4 3600Mhz cl16+M2 SSD driver. Cable is a non reference with test showing 2.8Gbps. Oculus Soft version is 24.


Level 2
Hi, I have the same problem since I upgraded the 1660 super to a 5700xt. Some solution? Thanks!

Level 4
Max resolusion of PC app, max encode resolusion width of debug tool. But super blurry?