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Oculus Quest 2 "Cocktail Party Effect" VR Listening Experiment!

Level 2

UE4_SceneOverview_14.PNGHi, is anybody interested in taking part in my game audio research study (examining the 'Cocktail Party Effect' in VR, investigating social VR conversations/speech ineligibility and testing a speech enhancing audio system)? I´m still looking for participants to take part in a self-conducted VR listening experiment. If you are aged 18+years, with no hearing impairments and own a Quest 2 headset, please check this link:  , read the instructions, install the app (apk) on your headset and answer a short online questionnaire. I can assure the app is 100% clean. This is a masters ‘students project, it is a non-commercial study and is not funded by any third-party company. With the help of the users’ feedback, I would like to contribute the findings of this study to support and improve future developments in VR audio.  Many thanks