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Oculus Quest - Bad Batch

Level 3
I have noticed on the forums there are threads about the Quest having charging issues. It does not look to be a global issue but I was in the minority of having the charging issue as well. I believe there is a bad batch of Quests out there being sold. 
I preordered through Best Buy and was excited for May 21st to come only to find out it was shipped out on that day and I wouldn’t receive my Quest until the next day, the 22nd. I even scheduled a half day at work (I was that excited) so I decided to check my local Best Buy on my way home to find out they actually had a couple in stock. It’s pretty dumb if you preorder through Best Buy you have to wait an extra day but you can find one the day of at the store without preorder but I digress (I’ll save that for a Best Buy thread later lol)

Anyways, I bust it open, had the time of my life and played with it till the battery got low. Connected to the charger, the light showed orange, and walked away to let it charge. I come back only to see it only charged a few percentages. I unplugged and plugged the charger back in to see the orange light stays on for only about 15 seconds or so and then goes away. I found the thread where users are reporting this error, performed few of the suggested workarounds, but it did not work. It was getting late so I didn’t bother troubleshooting anymore plus I wanted to see if my preordered Quest had the same issue when it arrives the next day.

I got my preordered Quest and this time I charged it fully before doing any setup. I was able to play for a few hours and charge it without issue. This one was perfect. So I think the one in the Best Buy shelf was a defective one. I compared the two boxes and there is a “manufactured date” on it. The good, preordered one was manufactured 04/2019, the bad, unable to charge one was manufactured 03/2019. It might be best to check if yours was manufactured in April which seems to be the newer better stock or in March which had the charging issue. Not only that, with the bad Quest, when I peeled the sticker that holds the charging cable together to remove that paper/cardboard, it did not peel off cleanly, it ripped a quarter way down so I needed scissors to cut the paper anyways as oppose to the good Quest, the sticker came off all the way down as it was intended. Looked like a production issue with that as well. Sorry so long, this is my first post, but wanted to point this out as it may be helpful for some.

TL:DR - check manufacturing date on the box: 03/2019 was a bad Quest with charging issue, 04/2019 has been a good Quest with no issues so far.


Level 10
Mine has 04/2019 and experienced no issues with charging as of yet. 

Level 2
mine is march 2019 and it have charging issue

Level 3
Sorry to hear that DrakeSkyz.
I suggest those who have Quests manufactured 03/2019 to immediately return/exchange it for a 04/2019. So far my April Quest has still charged without any issues and I already returned my March one.

Level 5
Yep, mine is 04/2019 from a best buy walk in purchase, and NO charging issue at all. Recharged it many times now too

Level 4
I had charging issues, it seems to be down to temperatures, it only happens after extended play so until youve repeated the exact same condition in  both headsets its very difficult to say if it s ahardware defect or a built in 'feature', I suspect its the latter. It doesnt want to charge when its too hot to protect the battery and presumably your face from explosion but it seems to be a bit overzealous with the temp needed before it stops charging

Level 2

I'm having the same issues here with my Oculus Quest batch 03/2019. I noticed that the light was going off for charging and the oculus white light was coming on. So left it for a few to see if it was just go out on its own. The light never went out it just kept draining the battery. I read that maybe I should hold the power and the - volume to reset it. That also didn't help. I was final able to get it to charge by plugging it in and clicking power a few time till the gold charge light just stayed on. I also tried charging while I was playing it would work for a few then go out with the power still plugged in. 

I was also at BestBuy on the 21st thinking that I had ordered in store. only to find out that it was a preorder to be delivered to my house. They couldn't tell me if that order was going to be on time or not. But that they had 2 or three in the store while. I had to chooses either purchase another in store and return the other or wait it out. I choose to wait it out. It arrived on the 23rd.

Today I took it back into BestBuy and was told that it was backorder and they couldn't even reorder me a new one. I choose to by the BestBuy protection plan that would give me two year. I'll keep it till the they are available in the store.


Level 2
Mine is 05/2019. No charging issue.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Mine is april and it charges fine. But I did try the cable to charge my phone and it failed the first time, I had to unplug it and reconnect it. As others on here have shown, there's apparently a slight problem with the plastic in the charging plug that can stop the connection.
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Level 5
Mine is April direct from Oculus and the USB-C port looks fine to me.  I have no problems charging.