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Oculus Quest Dark mode

Level 2
I have heard that there will be a OS update with a dark mode for oculus quest. Is it only a rumour or is there any scheduled for the update?

Thanks a lot!

Level 2
I’d like to Know this as well

Level 10
This post here, makes out that it should have been enabled in the last update.

But I have the latest update installed and when I power on in the dark, I just see a message saying tracking lost move to an area with more lighting. 

Level 4
I would be VERY happy to be able to reduce the contrast/brightness . For me, as a glasses wearer, many apps are just too bright. I'm also using a dark theme for anything possible...

Level 9
To my understanding, there's a setting that needs to be enabled before the dark mode shows up. Similar to the public testing channel for the Rift software. ... I think. 😛

Level 2
Apparently the option was removed in new firmware and will be added back sometime down the road.....:(

Not applicable
Can’t wait for this feature to be released. Watching movies with the need to keep the lights on is just plain ..... 

Level 5
I think you ppl are talking about two different features here, if I'm not wrong.
Dark mode, as a mode for when you are in a dark room and thus activating only 3dof since tracking doesn't work.
Or, dark mode, as a mode where the Quest graphical interface is dark instead of bright.

I would like both ?

Level 2
Update 8.0 seems to add “Dark Mode” but from the description it isn’t the dark mode I was hoping for.  I just want to watch streaming movies without the lights turned on like I could with my Oculus Go.  My quest doesnt show the update available yet.