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Oculus Quest Distortion

Level 2
On my 2nd day of ownership, I noticed significant distortion of the image occurring when rotating my head. This occurs even in the main menu. Elements of the scene appear to warp and change dimensions as they move across the lenses. I spent some time getting a better fit and found the glasses spacer increased my comfort. I am now able to keep my eyes in the sweetspot without losing it during play.

This lessened the distortion effect greatly but it is still slightly present and makes me nauseous over time.

For reference, my IPD is roughly 64.5mm and the slider is set roughly in the middle. I have a Vive and do not experience any noticeable distortion when using it.

Is this slight distortion:
    to be expected in normal usage even when the Quest is fitted correctly?
    a defect on my Quest?
    just the Quest's optics not being suited to my head shape?

Any help or advice would be appreciated, really loving the device so far aside from this one issue.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hey @MountainSpew, I'm sorry to hear about your issue with your Quest. We are aware of an issue that may cause visual issues within the Quest headset. We are actively working on a fix to address this and hope to have it out soon but we currently don't have an ETA. Thanks! -Rick.

Level 2
Dear support, any progress here ? I've noticed the same issue and I've bought quest just a week ago... :neutral:

Edit: Also is good to mention that if I let the guardian to appear I can see how the grid is moving while turning my head from left to right. In my opinion the grid should be static. 

Level 3
Hello ,
I love my Quest, but when it comes to IPD, I don't know about you, but I find that the adjustment range is extremely wide and tolerant!