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Oculus Quest Guardian Moving By Itself

Level 3
Has anyone experienced any problems with the Oculus Quest Guardian Moving during play?  My son was playing the Vader Immortal game when he ran right into the china cabinet, VR face first.  The guardian boundary didn't alert him.  I took the quest all the way in the other room but it still showed I was in the home menu.  Had to turn it off and restart it to reset the guardian.

Is anyone else having a problem with the guardian malfunctioning?

Level 8
If you don’t have enough light in the room, or some interference from something else. 
Inateck USB 3.0

Valve Index Frunk Fan 3D Mod!

Level 4
I have been having issues with Box VR and Beat Saber with the guardian moving. The problem comes back even after resetting the view. I often have to set the guardian when I first boot headset.  The light in the room is the same all the time.