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Oculus Quest Lags in SteamVR titles only.

Level 2

      Hello! Around 7-8 months ago I got a Oculus Quest, and ever since it has run amazingly. For about the last 3 months I have been using Oculus Link to expand my field of available games, and yesterday SteamVR titles have been acting up. I can use any Oculus game through Link, but when I load up a SteamVR game, it lags so bad I cant play it. (to around 1-3 FPS) I know this isn't a hardware issue for my specs being a RTX 3080 with a i7-10700K. SteamVR Home loads perfectly, but games like BeatSaber and Half-Life Alyx have unbearable lag. I am also a Unity VR developer and not being able to play-test my SteamVR game kinda sucks. 😞


Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on a possible fix?


Level 12

Honestly through for steam vr it may be worth it for virtual desktop.  It optimizes it better to some degree.  I pick up extra fps on vr benchmark when i on virtual desktop.

Level 2

I managed to fix my issue. I re-installed SteamVR, then opened each of my VR games. Waited around 10-20 minutes on each, and the lag disappeared. I dont know what happened, but I managed to fix it! 🙂