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Oculus Quest Left Controller Stick Drifting Backwards

Level 2

My left controller stick keeps on drifting backwards, which makes it harder to move on games like Pavlov and Rec Room. The controller stick also drifts down on the Home Screen. I can’t find out how to recalibrate it. I tried cleaning the control stick with air spray and a q tip with alcohol on it, and it still has the problem. I have also tried disconnecting the controller. The trigger sometimes doesn’t work either, so it mig be a connection issue.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! If you haven't already, try removing the battery for 2 minutes before placing it back in and re-pairing. Make sure that you also check the compartment and terminals for any dust, dirt or debris that might be present as well. Should the issue persist, click here to submit a ticket and we'll be happy to help!