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Oculus Quest Restock?

Level 4
Alright so its 4/17/2020 and with this whole quarantine I've been very bored. I figured I would get myself a quest because it seemed fun and I thought it was cool. I went on to the site to see it was sold out. I looked on every other store on the retailers page on the oculus website and all of them were sold out. I was wondering if anyone new when they would restock. 

Level 10
This is a community forum, no one here really knows for sure. There is a shortage due to the Covid-19 pandemic and many people have exactly the same idea as you. I have seen Oculus Quest selling on eBay for way above the RRP.

I would just suggest you sign up for restock alerts on several websites and when you get notified jump to place an order asap! 

I did see the 64Gb version was back in stock on Oculus UK website a couple weeks ago and on Argos in UK. But are now out of stock again.