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Oculus Quest Stationary guardian needs an adjustment...

Level 3

Hello, i'm writing this here because I don't know where else to go to give a suggestion like this and actually be heard. The stationary gaurdian need a major adjustment, simple but major. I am 6 ft tall, and a wing span of 78 in, and i need to adjust the stationary gaurdian's size, through a manual percentage scale, at the least. But I would prefer you allow free hands and/or both joysticks, to adjust the stationary guardian width, something similar to how you adjust the floor. Im surprised no one on your team said "hey maybe we should allow the user to adjust their stationary boundary, being that not everyone is the same size." it is really annoyinhg seeing the boundry when i stick my arms out in the safe zone, unless i draw a sloppy manual one and i dont feel like drawing a line almost every time i play because i play this mobile device in different locations. if any developer or associate read this please respond for courtesy reasons so ill know i didnt waste my time.

p.s. I also have another request, two actually: one, you need to allow the user to move these windows independently. it makes way more sense to have this feature on an untethered device. you already do it for the rift, i cant wait forv2.8 to see what guys came up with. 2nd lastly for now, your developers need to step up your virtual keyboard scheme, i cannot speak for chinese, but this keyboard is not user friendly in english. You need to at least place the coma apostraphy and question mark, next to the alphabet so we wont have to skip them or keep going back and forth through symbols. Better yet, why dont you just make a fullsize keyboard? I wonder about you guys collectivly sometimes. shoooot man why dont you allow us to virtually-physically touch the keyboard. we have apps that allow you to play pianos. whats up with you guys? dont blame it on rona either, because you have these similar features on the rift and this quest 2 is way more than alittle capable of doing these minor details. long winded i know also im typing this in the quest 2 using the joysticks. fyi