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Oculus Quest cant connect to pc

Level 2

So I've been wanting to play this VR game on Roblox (don't ask lmao). I got a USB-C to connect on amazon but it wasn't by Oculus. I'm trying to connect it, I tried for two days so far and it isn't working. I restarted my PC and my Oculus Quest and when I try to connect it, it says my PC disconnected. I'm not sure if it is because of my graphics card which is Intel(R) HD graphic 520 and I have a surface pro. Do I need a better cord or a better PC?


Level 7

That graphics card is nowhere near strong enough for intensive gaming, let alone VR gaming. You’ll need a dedicated graphics card. I’d recommend looking at the minimum requirements/graphics card. 

VR is VERY intensive on computers, since you’re basically gaming in 4K. Even with a high end graphics card, most people don’t  play flat (non VR) games in 4K because it’s difficult to get a great performance without lowering the res.  So the chances of using any computer not made with high end gaming in mind is VERY unlikely. In your case (assuming that’s a laptop and not desktop), it’s impossible. (Even if it is a desktop, you’d have to buy a new graphics card, and with that card, it’s safe to assume it’s probably all around too underpowered)