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Oculus Software install problem

Level 2

After selecting a profile picture in the setup i go to a grey screen.
I have tried to reinstall the software without any luck.

This is the screen i got when trying to proceed the setup.



How did you get it to install? I've been stuck trying to get it to install for about 3 hours now. I've tried literally every fix other than reinstalling my OS. 

I just kept trying it and eventually got an email form oculus support (after I’d contacted) saying that they’d fixed the issue, it worked fine after that

I will stay posted for a response from Oculus. Thank you!

Have you tried PC programm > setting > beta > retstart Oculus?


That worked for me.


You could download the support folder,  rename the Old support folder install the new support folder and see if that works for you. If not it's easy to revert, you just need to be aware that at the folder is quite big so you need to make sure you have enough space.


Mine now connects and updates. 

Level 3

Same problem here - asked to be repaired, repaired but did not complete and just said there was a problem.  Now it is not installed at all - simply not good enough - please fix it.


Level 3

I figured it out, you need to have your headset plugged into your computer, then you run the installer and it should work. 

Yeah that actually works...thank you for your advice! It is very annoying that there are these problems often...

Glad to help bro, Oculus Support doesn't give that as a first diagnosis problem, so make sure to let everyone know.