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Oculus Space sharing for multiple users

Level 3

I believe I have a groundbreaking idea to share with the devs. Imagine playing a game of pool with your friends or significant other in the same room and using the same guardian space. This concept could quickly become a reality with the oculus quests' outstanding tracking already in action. It could revolutionize the VR world and increase sales. Families who can't afford or don't have the space for a billiard table or to go to the bowling alley (if they even have one) would still be able to get the same experience at home with multiple headsets. I believe this would be a game-changer (pun intended) for the entire Meta corporation.

Why is this important? Because people lack the necessary space in their homes to have multiple headsets, but I believe that most want to be able to play with their families. Imagine a husband and wife playing a game of pool and walking around the virtual environment interacting with each other and the environment or a parent playing a game with their children in the same space. The tracking would show where each person is standing and place a virtual avatar of some sort there.

A collision would only be as probable as actually being at a real billiard table and shooting a game of pool, except in the virtual one, they can walk through the table. There should be no reason for this not to happen. You guys have the tools and the ability to make this become a reality for families worldwide, not to mention this opens the possibility for "multi-user guardian co-op games," which is yet another way to increase revenue. I hope this gets voted up and the devs take notice; I think it's a great idea and worth pursuing. 

Thanks for your time,

- Kevin S.