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Oculus Touch stick drift backwards (Quest 1)

Level 2

Recently I noticed that my left Oculus Touch controller's joystick has started to drift backwards whenever I press it. The actual joystick in real life looks completely centred and fine, but in VR I can see the outline of my thumb is pushing it backwards even when I'm not even touching it. In games I always end up walking backwards and even when I'm pressing forward, I basically don't move since it's just cancelling out the backwards momentum. I've had my headset (Quest 1) for just over a year now.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! Try removing the battery from your Touch controller for a minimum of 2-3 minutes and check your controller's battery terminals for any dust, debris or damage. Then, re-insert the controller and re-pair. Should the issue continue to persist, click here to submit a ticket so we can help. Thanks!

I had already heard of that solution from doing some research, unfortunately it did not work and as such as I submitted a ticket.