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Oculus and Game Devs screwing over Quest-1 users

Level 5

I'd just like to firstly clarify that I thoroughly enjoy my Oculus Quest-1 (I refuse to call it "Meta Quest", that's just gross) but due to recent events I don't know if I really like Oculus as a company anymore. Let me explain.


1). - Oculus, inexplicably somewhere in the last few months gouged the price on the Oculus Quest-2 from $299 and $399 respectively for the OG 64 & 128GB models respectively. Now, it's $399 & $499 USD for the 128GB and 256GB models. Absolutely zero reasoning or announcement from Facebook about it. I realize that yes, you get more storage, and yes you do get Beat Saber for """"free"""", but firstly most people don't even need that much storage. Most Oculus games aren't even a gigabyte, the biggest games are only a few gigabytes maximumSo, no point in really adding more storage. And secondly, the Beat Saber deal is still a limited time deal, so after it ends new users get screwed, and also is it really "free" if you're paying $100 more for the headset?


2.) - All the new game releases are becoming Quest-2 exclusive. This in its own right isn't an issue, I understand it's not cost-effective or realistic to make games on the older hardware of the Quest-1. It's just that the Quest-1 is quite literally barely 2 years old dangit, not long after the release date Oculus released the Quest-2 which sealed the Quest-1's fate. Most modern game consoles are expected to have game releases for years to come, even after they become "last generation's" console. 


The worst offender of all is Population-1. It released as a dual quest release (I.E on both Quest and Quest 2). But recently they just pulled the rug on support for the Quest-1, which because it's an online only game, means it's just not playable, full stop. Worst part? They are offering refunds, which is nice, but only to users who bought it in the past 6 months. Bought it earlier? Have fun with a useless game you cannot play. This is one of the reasons people hate digital only titles, at least with physical versions you can usually still play them even after servers go down or support gets pulled.


3.) - Both of the above points combine into the main point. You see new games being Quest-2 only (Into the Radius, Green Hell VR, Resident Evil, etc.), which again point #2, but you decide to give into getting a Quest 2. But because of the price hike, you now have to pay $100 more over users who bought theirs only a year or so prior. 


So basically, you get screwed because you can't play new titles on your barely 2-year-old $400 VR Headset, you get double screwed because current game devs keep pulling support from the Quest-1, so you lose all your money unless you pay up for the newer model headset. You get triple screwed because Oculus gauged the price of the Quest 2, so now you just get milked for all your money. And you get Quadruple screwed because you now have a $400 headset which will now sit in a corner being unused.



Sorry if this was too big of a rant, but frankly this all just feels bad from a regular consumer point of view. For the companies it's great, but personally I will be voting with my wallet and returning to PCVR, where support for devices is based on how good your PC is, not whenever the Game Devs decide to just stop supporting stuff.


(P.S: @OculusSupport , if you read this, please start offering Quest-2's as replacements for Quest-1's when people open warranty claims. Loads of companies already do this, such as Logitech. I'd be much more inclined to keep paying for your products if I just get sent back a headset which is newer versus the older Quest 1 which has virtually no new games available for purchase.