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Oculus app not working

Level 2


I am new to VR. Have Quest 2. Installed Oculus on PC. When starting program, I can choose an avatar pic. Choosing next I see the pic and my username. Choosing next gives a black screen that can only be closed via task manager. Reinstalled several times, no change. PC up to min. specs. When connecting headset, Windows gives sound, so I guess USB is ok. Original Oculus cable.

Help appreciated.


Level 3

There are a lot of people having this issue including myself, tends to be for us new players its doing it too. They seem to be aware of the problem, its been going on for the last couple days, its just a waiting game for us till they release something to fix it.

well they need to fix it fast or let us revert to the previous version or start accepting returns, the games themselves on the headset are cool for the time being but i want to play PC VR, im giving them 2 more days

Level 2

i happened to me also. i got my oculus quest 2 yesterday. This morning i decided to download the oculus app just to see a grey screen. at this point im stressed.

yeah hopefully there is a fix soon, I already know they are gonna lose a lot of new people because of this 

yeah its very annoying, i was excited to get to play on my days off from work but I don't think that will be happening now, ill probably have to wait till next weekend to test it out 


Literally. Im a new vr user as well. if this problem doesnt get fixed i might just get a refund. I mean the oculus overall is fantastic but i also wanna play other games on my pc. 

Level 2

Thank you for the reply. Guess we will have to be patiente. Hopefylly Oculus will solve this. 

Level 2

There is a fix which relies upon replacing the Support folder. The link is around here somewhere, and solves that problem immediately.