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Oculus app won't show camera for quest 2 casting

Level 2

trying to cast my quest 2 onto my Android tablet but it says it's casting but leads me back to the home app screen how can I see the camera? It worked yesterday, but for the love of me I forgot where I found the solution and I'm getting a bit frustrated. 


I can hear everything on the phone to, it just leads me to the homescreen instead of the camera and it's super annoying. 


Yes, both devices are on the same network and have power cycled twice! My tablet is capable of casting, so is my quest 2. I'm pretty sure this is a wonky app issue, My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. I would much appreciate the help. 


Update: note to self, turn the tablet around


Level 2

This is happening to me too. I can't find a way to view the casting video.

Level 2

I am having this problem with a s7+ tablet, what is the solution please. I have had no problems with a s3 tablet. Thank you.