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Oculus games lost

Level 2

Oculus games were lost after I factory rest it because it kept freezing how do I get my games back after I already paid for them.


They are stored on your oculus account just go to the store and redownload them fun fact some of them have cloud save 

Thank you

Cool I imagine your using the oculus quest 2🤣 I'm having a problem myself with my passthrough camera ☹ anyway no problem happy to help😁

Level 3

I just unncessarily did a factory reset because I had a black screen and it turned out that it was just the new cover I installed and it must have been obscuring some sensor causing the screen to go black. I know I can reinstall the games but will my game progress be saved on the app or cloud or is that lost too?

Also, my headset now won't pair with my app because my app says that this headset is already connected and the headset won't let me past the connect screen 😕