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Oculus home not showing up on quest 2

Level 2

When using oculus link, oculus home does not show up on the quest 2 and instead just shows a black screen and the only thing I can do it just see the boundary. The oculus app says the quest is active and that there are no issues. I am using a 3700x and a 3060 ti.


Level 3

What is your setup ?

Do you have 1 or more GPUs (like an AMD internal(Radeon style) GPU for low power activity, and your  NVidia 3060ti for high performance.


if this is the case then you may read the remaining of this message.


Ok then, here the tip that may help you.


In case that all checks has been done (driver update, cable link test..) , and you succeed to set the correct GPU for the correct process (like set Nvidia for process OVRServer_x64.exe)and all is ok but you still have the black screen with white dots.


You may try to go to "device manager" in your windows, then in "display adapters" and try to "disable" your AMD display adapter. That will force all process to use your NVidia GPU.

After NVidia take over your graphical session (less than 10 seconds) you can re-enable your AMD GPU


From there, you may try to start again the "oculus link" from your Quest helmet.

then ... you should reach the Oculus Link Lobby ( The Gray matrix environement with floating windows)


This tip worked for me, hope that will may help you