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Oculus link + audio error

Recently (around yesterday evening) I tried using Oculus link to play steam vr (after not using for around 3 days or more and around 3 days ago it worked perfectly), but when I went into settings and pressed the oculus link prompt, it loads for 10 seconds or so then brings me back to home.  I looked up this problem and none of the solutions worked, and all the "oculus support article" only applies to the rift versions. Also, this morning after attempting to reinstall the link driver and use the link again, now it says there is an "audio issue" with the headset even though I can hear just fine.  I already submitted a support email, but I just wanted some other opinions.  Also, I recently updated both my computer and headset, so that might be a contributing issue (I did try using link before both updates though and it didn't work still)   Notifications "no headset audio" "general device problem".