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Oculus link audio stuttering/cracking

Level 3

Started using Oculus link around a week ago and since the beginning my audio through the quest has been stuttering really badly. I have tried multiple solutions found around the internet but nothing seems to work, any suggestions?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, please contact Oculus Support here and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks!

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You've probably tried this but... Using the usb cable, I would get audio cracking and cut outs if I went over 250mbit in debug tool. Airlink maxes out at 100mbit and I didn't notice the audio issues. I could fix the issue temporarily by interrupting the stream during play. (hitting the power button or tapping the side and entering pass through mode.)

I'm using an AMD 6900xt.

Level 3

Well I used to have it over that in the debug settings, I noticed the same issue accept it was worse so I ended up turning it back to the default, which I'm pretty sure was 0. I will note that using it today I didn't really notice any stuttering at all, though there still is the occasional pop ever couple minutes or so, but far better from what it was.