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Oculus link choppy on windows 11 insider build

Level 4

oculus link is really choppy and laggy on windows 11, no one has the issue but me it seems, any help?


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there papuSpartan, thanks for reaching out to us about your issue with Oculus link on Windows 11! Currently, as you stated, Windows 11 isn't supported just yet. We don't have a timeframe to give on when it will be, but we're hard at work making sure the Oculus experience is ready to take the leap into the Windows 11 environment. Be sure to keep an eye out for the news once we're ready! Cheers!

No timeframe? Really? For the official release of windows 11 for about a month now?

Level 4

to give timeframes, you'll have to know what's definitely causing the bug introduced by Microsoft.
As they don't have the windows source code, they can only trail and error and anylyse the behaviour.
If you think its so easy to fix, you should send them a application for employment.
They are always searching for top developers 🤣 that can fix bugs by finger snip.

The bug was introduced many months back. I'm sure Facebook has already many top developers, I'm not a dev. Just an ordinary user has found a workaround already, don't try to tell me it's a rocket science to fix it because it's not.

And please give us a break with that "style" of yours...

Never it takes them one month to release an update, and what is that update

"You can now watch PH on your phone through your VR Headset..."

















"oh and new games coming next week"
W11 has been out publicly for 2 months now and in the beta build for 4. 

It's still a Facebook problem. We're 6 months in and they still haven't bothered to update the app to support windows 11. At this point they're just incompetent

It's been many months... Making sure you're software is compatible with the latest OS you would think would be a priority, and it's clearly not. I haven't been able to play PC VR for months and you still somehow have no information? I'm considering just getting a different headset at this point. Been an oculus user since cv1 but this is ridiculous

Level 7

So the issue is ignored by META to the point the very thread on incompatability of Oculus PC with Windows 11 has gone dormant?

Not talking about an outgoing OS but the newsest an online OS.

This is simply shameful!

I'm with you on that. I love my Quest, but I've all but given up on it for PC VR and am going to the Dark side to get a G2 as my new PC is running 12th gen CPU with DDR5 which really needs Windows 11 to make proper use of the P&E cores.


It's frustrating that everything works better and is smoother for me in Windows 11 with the exception of one thing... Oculus...