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Oculus link error

Level 2

Oculus link simply will not work with my Dell G7 1588 no matter what fix I implement. Is there anyone who can help me?


Level 3

I got the Quest 2 last Sunday and I can not get Link to work either and after 3 days of trying cables by Anker and KIWI and re-installing the Oculus PC app with no luck I found MANY posts in these forums saying Link has not been working since an update to V25 some weeks ago.


Nobody from Oculus on here has responded or acknowledged this MAJOR problem, it is as if we are being ignored.  I found just one reply by an "Oculus support technician" that basically told the user to check his cables and ensure his PC met the required specs which it obviously did as he STATED so in his post.


People on here say it was working fine for V23 but since then there have been updates so now we are on V26 which is broken and it seems we can't "roll-back" to V23.


You need to submit a support ticket so we can generate enough noise that Oculus HAVE to acknowledge this problem and fix it ASAP...



Level 12

A 1060 mobile 6 gig gpu is not even close to the desktop 1060 6gig.  So mobile gpus are not supported.