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Oculus link issues

Level 2

Hi, I recently got my quest 2 and have been playing a lot of PC VR on it. But In every game, there are lag spikes, where the frame rate is unbearable and there are artifacts like squirrelly and crooked lines. This happens a lot in Bone works and saints and sinner. What boggles my mind is that I can sort of fixing it. Whenever one of these moments pops up I hold the oculus button and go to my home, I then go back and it works. But these lag spikes happen in the worst of times like combat and I can't stand it anymore. Any advice?

My specs are

Rtx 2060

Ryzen 6 3600

16gb ddr4

250gb SSD

And my oculus link cable is a JYSW Oculus link cable.  I've heard nothing but good things about it, but maybe mine is defective?