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Oculus link stopped woking at all on january 10. Anyone else

Level 2
Received a Oculus Link cable and it did not work. I currently have a 6 foot and a 10 foot cords that were recommended and have worked since Christmas. Now none of the cords or anything else will work to enable the very capable laptop of even being recognized by the oculus quest. Was thinking of deleting off the oculus app on the laptop and reinstalling. The oculus quest states that there are no updates however on the Oculus app on the computer the notifications showed that there was an update which seems like it failed because it never showed as being completed on notifications. Any help would be appreciated. By the way oculus support is not very good. Took six days to get back on the oculus link cable that I purchased for $84 including tax. Now I have to download something from Diagnostics and send that to them. Even though when I receive the cord it did not work and the six and Ten foot linked cords did. Sounds like a bad oculus link cable A reasonable person Would think.

Level 8
Opt out of the PTC. If you have that on, then you are using version 13 which breaks the Oculus Link.
Inateck USB 3.0

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