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Oculus link wont connect at all

My oculus is working perfectly fine, infact the link was too. I played it for a day and then suddenly it stopped connecting completely, I unplug it and plug it in different ports, downloaded oculus driver and restarted multiple times. It just wont show up anywhere that I can enable it or even hear it connect to the pc altogether. Any help?


Good luck brother, So many of us are unable to use our oculuse because of this issue. It was working fine on my Laptop, then an update happend. After that it works on my friends and his wifes laptop (the exact same laptop as mine, they bought it 1 week after mine arrived) however it does not work on my computer. Its not the cable, No other software on my computer that isnt on the other computers. They are all 3 are Identical yet the one i own will not keep a connection.

I have asked for help on this for about a month, tried all the "fixs" given by the community, and still in limbo.

Another note.... oculus makes a great paperweight!