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Oculus not replying to emails?

Level 2

hello all, I've recently bought a quest 2 since I didn't like my rift. I noticed there are big lags in steam VR which can be fixed by changing the priority of OVRServer_x64.exe to above normal or high, that being said I still run into issues and have decided to contact oculus in regards to this, I bought the quest 2 2 weeks ago and contacted them a week ago, they stated it would take 2 business days to reply but they haven't why is this?


Level 5

they'll get to you eventually.  usually accompanied by a boiler plate statement about them getting an unusually high number of queries from customers.


i'm guessing your pc/laptop spec might be a tad on the low side, or your PC is busy doing something else.  hence why reprioritising the process is giving benefit.