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Oculus overide steamvr need something to record correctly on oculus

Level 4

AMS2 Opening trough oculus when selecting SteamVR launch option.

I need to play with steamvr to record my gameplay and stream with OVR toolkit....Oculus mirror have visual glitch some time and black bars on the side and very low quality gameplay so totally useless to stream and record that why all my game need to be played in steamvr but for some reason with oculus that now have openxr too AMS2 cannot open in steamvr

Iv'e tried:

-Changing openxr in regedit

-Changing openxr in oculus and steamvr setting

-uninstall /reinstall the game-uninstall/reinstall steamvr

-vrmode openxr in launch option


Its the only game that i have this problem so if you have a solution to get verry good quality gameplay without steamvr its will solved my problem too... i dont know why oculus mirror look so blurry but if they are another method that would be awesome! I want to precise that its not hardware issue i use OBS and i have an rtx 3070 so enough power here..