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Oculus quest 2 Link disconnects from my PC very frequently

Level 2


I have an Oculus Quest 2 and a Nvidia 2080 Super graphics card (That seems to be relevant from what I have been reading) My Oculus will only stay connected to my computer for about 5 minutes, but frequently even less than that. I am using a USB C to USB 3.2 Cable, plugged into a slot that connects to the motherboard. 

This setup was working for me wonderfully until right before the most recent Quest 2 update. 


Do we know of a solution to this yet?


Level 2

I have a similar issue, granted I'm trying to play HalfLife Alyx almost exclusively so I'm connecting the two.  When using OculusLink it'll disconnect resulting in a crash and when using AirLink it'll also disconnect resulting in a crash. I might put my Quest back on the shelf for a couple of months. Hope for a fix. It's spoiling my HLA experiecen which until now had been awesome!