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Oculus quest 2 - preodred payment failed

Level 3
last night oculus tried to charge my account for my preorder, it failed. how can I retry it as now everything is sorted for my account? 
I tried to reenter my card number or even switch to paypal but both methods are not successful, it still showing my old card details and on logs are errors like 
"Errors while executing operation "OCAccountGuestOrderHistoryRouteHandlerQuery": At Query.viewer:Viewer.guestUser:GuestUser.paymentAccount:PaymentAccount.digitalOrders:OrdersFromPaymentAccountConnection.edges: Field implementation threw an exception. Check your server logs for more information."

how can I do about this?

Level 10
Contact Oculus support If available they have a live chat option by clicking the green icon bottom right. 

Level 3
Any fix to this yet?

Level 3
I have contacted support via live chat, guy promised me that it will last couple of hours, I contacted them today again and now they said that this can take up to 7 days. I am not sure what is taking so long as I just want them to retry charge my account, but it seems I can say goodbye to my original delivery date 

I literally have no idea if I can do something about it.. just nightmare.

Level 2
I have exactly the same problem, with the same error message found in Network tab of developers tools. I'm waiting 3 days already for support fixing that. Did they manage to fix your order?