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Oculus quest 2 vr headset questions

Level 2

Hello there i was wondering i have a oculus quest 2 how do you get out of oculus quest 2 vr chat when it freezes someone said press the oculus button 3 or 4 times?? And i also herd there is a new doom game comming out for oculus i think they said the release date was for today and when you play on a computer can you download vr games or you can only download games just from the oculus store and how can i play doom or doom 3 on my oculus quest 2 headset and does oculus quest 2 headset suport steam vr games,google play store vr games ect,and can the oculus quest 2 headset can it hook up to a playstation 3 or can you hook it up to a television or does the television have to be 3d in order to use the oculus quest 2 headset and how does the oculus quest 2 headset work when it is hooked up to a computer??


Level 5

Woah! You have asked for a whole lot of information. I’ll get you started on some. 

quest does not hookup directly to a tv or any gaming system like PlayStation. 

it can be hooked up to a gaming computer... which Hass to have a minimum I have a certain graphics card and a minimum of a certain CPU and minimum Ram etc... you can Google for the specs you would need on the computer or look on oculus website. For the processor I know it’s either in Intel I5 or greater or a ryzen 5 or greater. Big list of lots of different graphics cards. And I believe it’s 8 gigs of DDR four ram for a minimum. 

then you would need to buy an Oculus Link cable, either the official one or some of the knock off‘s. And then you download oculus software onto the PC which will allow you to do oculus link. Which allows you to get higher quality versions of quest games and others that are only available for PCVR. 


These games can come from the oculus store (which would actually be games meant for the Oculus Rift). But you can also use steam VR this way. 

if you have a good enough Wi-Fi. 5ghz... but I suggest Wi-Fi 6 network.... you can do this wirelessly without the link cable. With an app that you would purchase from the oculus store called virtual desktop. 

you can find videos on all of this with YouTube with easy step-by-step. Because there are multiple programs you want to download on the PC if you get one or if you have a good enough one already, to make everything work. Steam, then Steam Vr, and the oculus app, and virtual desktop streamer (if you were going to attempt the wireless)


if you want your video to show on television television you need to get yourself a Google Chromecast. Hook it up to the TV and the oculus wirelessly connect to that to display what you’re seeing on the television. 

there are a couple other ways to get around using the chrome cast, for example there is an app you can get on the fire stick that will simulate a Chromecast and allow you to do the same.  But the officially supported way in the easiest way is to use a Chromecast to get the picture on the tv. 

doom three you can get from side quest... that’s a whole other program that you would download to the computer and connect your headset... except this program is for transferring things to your headset as opposed to playing them off your computer. Sidequest is an app that is like a developers App Store, some free stuff, some paid stuff. Games that didn’t come to the official store can be transferred to your quest here. 

just go on YouTube and search for how to do side quest on oculus quest 2. You will find easy tutorials. in the sidequest store you could search for doom. 

there is also a App Lab. Which is another unofficial store, but oculus supports this unofficial store which allows you to install a game as if it work right out of the regular oculus store. You can find a list of those games in the sidequest program or on the side quest website. If you click one of those games from your phone, and you have the oculus mobile app installed on that phone, it will bring you to the game in the mobile app so you can install it remotely onto your headset without having to plug it into a computer. 

there’s probably a lot more that can be sad but there’s enough to unpack there so far....


all of this information can be found with simple Google searches. Good luck