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Oculus quest2 star wars tales from the galaxys edge glitching problem

Level 2

Movement freezes in the three suns overlook and the cantina/ mobu banner flags up constantly.

How do I resolve the problem?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there anton-e, thanks for reaching out to us about this! Your movement definitely shouldn't be glitching in Star Wars TFGE, let's get your experience back up to 100%. 

Here's some troubleshooting steps you can try:

- Does this only happen in Star Wars? Does this only occur in the areas you listed?
- Have you tried re-pairing your controllers to your headset?
- Ensure fresh batteries are powering the controllers
- Ensure all firmware / software is fully up to date
- Try a fresh install of the application
- Factory Reset (Will restore to default settings / remove all data)

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to follow up with us. Cheers!

I have reinstalled the game and have hit the same problem as before.

The firmware is fine and the batteries are at full charge.

The other apps and games are performing perfectly well.

So what next?




Hey there Tony, thanks for your response! Since none of the above has worked for you, have you attempted a factory reset already? Cheers!


Thank you for your help,I really appreciate it.

Is there any way That I could delete the game without doing a factory reset?

I have other games that I have in progress that I don't want to lose,over this one game as brilliant as it is.


Hey there anton-e, thanks for your response. There currently isn't a way to back up save data, but you can definitely try reinstalling the application. It also could be that the areas you're visiting within the game might be too intense for the headset to handle.


I've reinstalled the game twice without success but I'll try again.

I don't think the part of the three suns overlook scenario that freezes the progress in the game is particularly intense because there is no interaction with opponents or anything that would cause this glitch.



Hey there anton-e, thanks for clearing that up! This definitely sounds like a bug within Star Wars, as you said it's the only game experiencing this issue. With that, you'll want to contact support with the developers, as they clear up any bugs with their title. You can find that here! Within any of those articles, there's a support contact button at the bottom where you can tell them more about the bug as well as supply any documentation so they can get that patched.