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Oculus restart loop with latest AMD drivers

Level 2

100% confirmed. I can't use the oculus link (as well as the air link) on my pc with AMD GPU that uses the 21.6.1 driver version. The only way I can use it is to revert the drivers to the previous version (Which disables the ability to play many other games like RDR 2)
After a little research, I see that this problem comes up every update for the last year or more and because it wasn't mentioned that Quest 2 doesn't work on AMD GPUs I feel like I was misled when purchasing this device. 


Level 2

oh my god thank you so much! I was vehemently beside myself not knowing why link wasnt working and I tried absolutely everything including factory resetting my quest and PC which is now going to cost me hours of the avian gods its such a relief knowing thats the issue, i was terribly worried my expensive link cable was broken or something but if this is my issue too, at least it will either be fixed or i can just revert back temporarily. Thank you!  ❤️  ^v^