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Oculus runtime app not responding

Level 2
My quest takes forever to start and gives me the message that oculus runtime app isn't responding.  I've sent in a support ticket with no response. I've also seen others saying they need to update their computer app. I don't have a computer app, just the app on my phone with no update option. what can I do?

Level 2
I'm also experiencing this issue...any response??

Level 2
Same issue for me

Level 7
Do a HARD RESET by holding the power button and the (-) volume button together until it reboots to the update menu and select restart that should clear the cache and reset the quest without the need for a factory reset, other than that oculus support will just ask you to perform "factory reset".

Level 2
ezop73 I tried this and the error still came up and took forever to boot up.....thinking factory reset might be next and only option....

Level 2
I'm also having this issue. I did the hard reset suggested above (not a factory reset) and it seems to have done the trick. The quest still takes a long time to boot up, but maybe that's par for the course - it STILL seems to boot faster than when I was having the runtime error. Thanks Trinity!