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Oculus tracking not working and glitchy

Level 3

I cant do anything.

I cant use controllers cant use handtracking.

my controllers keep disconnecting and connecting again.



Level 2

Hi. I've had these issues before, but it sounds like your situation varies a tiny bit from mine.

Do you have an Oculus Quest 2? (I've only had experience with a Quest 2. If you're using the Quest, someone else will have to help you.)

Are the two controllers constantly blinking? If not, is there one controller constantly blinking and the other one is not, but turned on?

Does your headset keep saying that it's in a dark room? If not, does your headset complain about losing it's tracking, then transition to the low light screen?

If pretty much all of these are a yes, you most likely updated your Quest 2(?) when it asked for an update in the settings, only to find it rendered your Quest 2(?) headset in a pretty much unusable state. Unfortunately, I troubleshooted this issue when I had it, and the only way I was able to fix it by was with a factory reset. I recommend backing up whatever you can with Cloud Saves (not all games will support it), and unfortunately you'll have to reinstall all apps, but that is the hassle of being a Quest 2(?) owner.

Hi Nilociety,
Yes, I have an oculus quest 2.
yes, they are constantly blinking.
No, it says that tracking is lost.
I did update my quest when it asked for an update in the settings
How do I troubleshoot then and will the apps where I paid for be deleted
Greetings Bram,

Level 2

Restart the quest, ive suffered from the cameras going to really low light mode before,
If that doesnt work, try playing with your lamps on
If it still doesn't work, try cleaning the cameras with something safe. There is a guide on what you can and what you can't use for washing the Quest 2 on the manual.

I've restarted the quest 2 already multiple times and cleaning the cameras is not working.


I am going to give you a little story of what happened.

so I came home from a trip and my brother used my quest to 0 percent but it was still working fine.

after that I wanted to connect my quest to my phone but I needed to do an update so I did it.

while it was updating I plugged my quest into my phone.

and then it was really glitchy and my controllers started to disconnect and connect again and it said that the tracking was lost.

Level 2

You shouldn't really plug Android devices into Android devices though..... Especially when one of them is updating,

All purchases made from the Oculus Store should save on your Facebook account. If you purchased a game from a third party, the third party service will have to provide the content you purchased.


To factory reset an Oculus Quest 2, all you have to do is navigate to the Oculus Mobile app, Devices, click on your preferred headset, then you need to locate the factory reset option.


There is also an official Oculus tutorial on how to do this if you're still unsure, I believe somewhere on the FAQ.