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Office usage w/ hands, no controllers

Level 2
I'm using Quest 2 as head screen for remote office and coding, no games, cool?
it works well by using VD, office, coding, even online meetings with audio, cool!

But when using Quest 2 outside of home, I don't want to take the controllers together due to size issue.
Latptop keyboard for remote desktop, few VR operation uses hand gesture control should be sufficient.

But in a new enviroment, the VR always ask me to redefine game area with controller, controller become a must, so here I want to request all hands operation support.
Also Oculus developers and PM please try to work with VR headset, improve office experience, I believe that a nother huge market.

Actually I'm expecting a cheap RDP app, able to support  RDP applicaiton mode in different windows with few traffic(longer battery), that'll be the coolest thing!