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Optimizing Unity Showroom or .fbx 3D Models

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I'm trying to build a showroom for my .fbx 3D models with Unity.
My problem is that my files are way too big. I have almost no problem putting 18x 10MB 3D Files into my VR-Room but with 2x 50MB Files it gets shaky and laggy.
Furthermore I have models which are 250MB big. I already changed the Quality and Texture Compression (ASTC) in Unity.

The models are built with "Autodesk Inventor" and rendered with "Keyshot". 

My questions:
- Are there more settings in Unity which could help me optimizing my Application? (I'm no Unity expert so I dont know the settings in detail)
- Are there better options to build my 3D Models?
- Which size/polygon count would be optimal for many 3D models in one room?
- Any other tips?

Thank you very much in advance! 

Edit: Would it be possible to stream the app from my PC to the oculus quest?

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If u developing for the quest or go, u should take into account that you 1. combine meshes. 2. reduce materials 3. compress texture size.

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You need to learn how to optimize your meshes for realtime engines. Anything direct out of inventor is going to be way too dense in geo for more than one or two meshes in a scene

If you need some further reading the polycount wiki is a good place to get started

For your questions:
1) In your case, not really. If you were doing complete scenes, with lots of materials, lighting etc.. then there's some options but it sounds like you're just dropping in raw meshes for viewing
2)Yes, Blender for your low poly, then bake your high poly into the required maps. Autodesk products like maya or 3dsmax are an option, though i cant recommend supporting that garbage software at a cost of thousands of dollars a month
3)Tri count is only one aspect of optimization. For quest you'l want to keep your draw calls under 120 and tricount under 100k. Keep in mind depending on your lighting model your tricount can double based on number of pixel lights
4)Read the links above, you've got a lot of learning to do if you want this to work, good luck 🙂

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Thank you very much for your answers!
 I'm going to try your suggestions and learn about the things I need to know.