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Ordered a Quest 2. The order is not showing up in my profile

Level 2



do you guys know if that is normal behavior?
I ordered a Quest 2 on Saturday 20.02.2021 and payed with creditcard. I received a confirmation by email with an estimated delivery date of 24.02.2021 and Order Status: processing.

The link inside the email to "View order" is not clickable. When I check in the Order section of my profile on there is no order listed there.
I made a support request and was sent a link to an order in the "Guest Portal" which shows my delivery address, so it seems to be my order. For some reason the status on that order is "Canceled", but the delivery date is still 24.02.2021.
I made another support request and received a reply from Parampreet (Oculus Support): "Our team is currently reviewing your order and we will notify you once we have an update. It’s important that you do not create any new orders during this time."
I then waited 2 days and heard nothing back so I sent them an email and asked what is going on. There is no reply yet.

This is the worst experience of placing an order I have ever had.


What can I do now?

best regards