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Ordered supposed to be delivered tomorrow, but no tracking number?

Level 2
Ok so its really weird. I got the email its been shipped, and it says it will be delivered on 11/15 in the email. Yet it doesnt provide a tracking number, and isnt in my orders on The only way I can see the order there, is using the email link that sends me another email with another link, that shows the original invoice with estimated delivery on 11/28. So I literally have no idea whats going on. This is the wonkiest order I have ever made in my life. Anyone know what I can do to get a tracking number to actually know when its coming?

**Edit, well it came no need for tracking. Thats insanely fast. ๐Ÿ˜„

Level 2
Did you ever figure out what the tracking number was? I have the same issue. 

Level 2
I have the same issue - payment taken, estimated delivery 28/11, no tracking number. Glad to see that yours came so maybe i don't have to worry about mine too.