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PC Oculus software connection does not work

Level 3

Hello. I got my Quest2 3 days ago, got me of course directly the link cable to it ... and since then I was already once or twice close to discreetly freak out.


Install Oculus software on PC - check
Start the software - works until the request to connect the Quest with the cable
Connect the cable - here it gets interesting, as soon as I connect the cable to the headset the open window on the PC disappears, nothing in the taskbar, when you restart the app comes the message "App is being checked", this takes about a good minute and then "Oculus service is not available" or something like that. But if you open the task manager after the window disappears, you can still find 2 tasks from OVR in the background processes.
The suggested repair mode also only brings that the problem block simply restarts here.

Admin rights, reinstallation, I have no idea what I should try, who of you nen advice?

Thx already and have a nice evening


Level 2

i got the same problem since 3 days...i cant play via link cable

Level 2

Having the same problem with the software on PC. I have been trying to link the Quest 2 and each time the software closes after I plug the Quest 2 into the USB 3 port.  I cant get the oculus software on the PC to reopen unless I unplug the Quest 2 and try opening the software several times.