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PC specs not suufificent for Link

Level 2


I have Lenovo Legion NB, with NVIDA RTX 3060 6GB, Ryzen 7-5800, RAM 16GB, SSD, USB-C port etc. When i start oculus link on this NB, i get a warning message that the specs of my PC are insufficient and i can have issiues with 3D. On my 2nd NB with NVIDA GTX1650 Ti, which is weaker than the Lenovo i do not get anything like this. Why is this, which spec is insufficient? If you click on the message, you are redirected to webpage, no specific issue is indicated. Thanks a lot in advance for any help.


Level 7

I believe the 3000 series is not yet supported. I didn’t feel like searching the forum for other posts about it, but I recall seeing this come up several times.